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May 2020

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Domino is the market leading platform for data scientists to use for building their Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms

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Domino’s @nikolaymanchev provides a deep-dive on how to choose the right tools to tackle complex models in @TDataScience. Check it out:
@dominodatalab Fri 14th January
With continued emphasis on collaboration & predictive modeling to track business outcomes, 2022 will be a breakout year for #MLOps. @VentureBeat @LouisColumbus
@dominodatalab Thu 13th January
While technology, processes and infrastructure are extremely important, it is the people that ultimately ensure success with #AI and #datascience, says Joe McKendrick. He discusses how “the human factor” impacts AI in his article for @ZDNet.
@dominodatalab Thu 13th January

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