May 2018


Incopro protects brand, revenue and customers from the dangers of online infringement

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26% of US consumers have purchased #counterfeits over the past 12 months, and this is fueled by #SocialMedia buying behaviors and the volume of fakes. Learn how brands can fight this trend through collaboration and consumer awareness: #BrandProtection
@@Incopro Tue 25th January
Armed with the latest insights around #BrandProtection, you can take on the copycats and criminals that are exploiting your consumers, eroding your revenues, and destroying trust in your brand online. Download The Definitive Guide to Brand Protection: #IP
@@Incopro Tue 25th January
Dutch theme park Julianatoren intercepted #counterfeit vouchers on #ecommerce platform Marktplaats and, unusually, was successful in claiming "reputational damages". Read analysis of the case by LXA: #Legal #AntiCounterfeiting #BrandProtection #Law
@@Incopro Tue 25th January

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