May 2018


Incopro protects brand, revenue and customers from the dangers of online infringement

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It’s important to pick your battles and focus on #infringements that are most damaging to your brand. You can then deliver greater ROI from your enforcement action. Learn how to prioritize and work with key #ecommerce platforms: #BrandProtection #Legal
@@Incopro Sat 2nd July
“The Brompton community is incredibly engaged and incredibly loyal. Our number one priority is to protect them.” - Millie Allen, @BromptonBicycle Millie shares how the bicycle brand has evolved its approach to #BrandProtection with Incopro: #CaseStudy
@@Incopro Fri 1st July
“[By focusing on recapturing revenue] we are starting to get attention of senior leadership and other teams globally such as retailers." - Michael Thomas, @Superdry Superdry & Incopro share insights on calculating the financial value of #BrandProtection:
@@Incopro Fri 1st July

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