May 2018


Incopro protects brand, revenue and customers from the dangers of online infringement

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Mike Sweeney and Chloe Lee of Incopro discuss how legislative changes will have an impact on the way online #marketplaces operate and provide the tools to remove bad actors from their #platforms. Read the article on @ManagingIP: #INSYNC #BrandProtection
@@Incopro Mon 19th April
“Removing counterfeits without a partner brings many challenges [...] and is very ineffective. That is why we partnered with Incopro” - Dougal Gordon, Caledonian Tree Company Learn how Caledonian Tree Company protects consumers:
@@Incopro Sun 18th April
We’re changing the face of #BrandProtection by uniting businesses against a common enemy. Together, we can turn our collective intelligence and combined reach into real outcomes. Find out how we’ve already got some of the world’s biggest brands on board:
@@Incopro Sat 17th April

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