February 2015

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Jampp is the growth platform for mobile apps

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TODAY at 5:15 pm 🇦🇷 time 👉 Join our team as part of ECI 34 Virtual to discuss what it's like to work in the mobile marketing industry. Watch the live session here https://t.co/L02fMQ7Gwb. See you there! https://t.co/6upl6hUoPd
@jampp Thu 29th July
If you're looking to protect your data and grow your app at the same time... 👉 here's an article for you 👈. Learn everything you need to know about what kind of data to share and under which circumstances. Read on: https://t.co/viD7HZeul8 #datasharing #dataprivacy https://t.co/bIDtsqEgXK
@jampp Wed 28th July
RT @ECIDCUBA: Compartimos la invitación a la charla de @jampp en la #ECI2021. "AdTech: ¿Cómo es trabajar en una de las #industrias más desa…
@jampp Mon 26th July

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