July 2014

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Socialpoint is a game developer specialised in mobile gaming

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Another Game Jam comes to an end today. But this isn't any regular Game Jam... this is the #GameJamRevolution, a contest for EVERYONE where ANYTHING is possible! ✨ #Socialpointers #WeAreGameMakers
@Socialpoint Fri 16th April
When we say that we are passionate about what we do, what we mean is that we were born to create great games! 🎮 Ed, UI/UX Designer, and Isa, Community Manager, told us what sparked their passion for #VideoGames. What about you? What started that fire? 🔥 #Socialpoint
@Socialpoint Fri 9th April
What does one year in @DragonCityGame look like, you might ask? Well, pretty much like this! They may just look like numbers, but they mean the world to our Dragons... thank you for keeping them fed and active! 🍅 Here's to more years of battles and Dragon adventures! 🔥
@Socialpoint Wed 31st March

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