July 2014

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Corruption left Petra, absorbing limitless energy until it crashed into a sun, which had a planet orbiting around: Elektra. Its inhabitants were revitalized by the new rays. But as always, some want to keep power for themselves... Ready for @Monster_Legends' #MetropolitanEra?
@Socialpoint Sat 24th July
#HaveYouGotGame? We are looking for a #SeniorGameDesigner to join #DragonCity. Do you know well the F2P market? Can you create clear presentations of complex design topics? Don't miss this opportunity to work at one of our hits, with 9M monthly players!
@Socialpoint Fri 16th July
RT @DragonCityGame: đŸ†•The first Ascended Season - Birth Of The Divine - is here! Get your Divine Pass to earn tons of Rewards and obtain th…
@Socialpoint Thu 15th July

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